Science for kids


You will smell, hear, feel and see how the world works. After a visit to NEMO, you will know why bridges are so strong, what happens when you kiss, how lightning and satellites work and much more. In other words, a day at NEMO is a pretty smart thing to do!


How to make a rainbow?
How strong is an egg?
And is water is afraid of balloons?
Robbert Dijkgraaf's Website of Experiments for Children 8+ (in Dutch)


Why is the toilet for humans such an important discovery, or who was Newton, or what is the Big Bang, DNA and the Pavlovian response? At the same time children learn to understand how their lives would have looked like without all the discoveries and discoverers. Audiobook 12+ (in Dutch)


The yellow school bus with a total of over 200 scientists has traveled to 16 schools throughout the Netherlands in 2011 and 2012. Over 1600 students from junior highschool got acquainted with science and with young scientists from various disciplines. The project has ended, but all elements of the program of the Young Academy on Wheels, as four workshops, can still be done in the classroom. (in Dutch)


If you look closely at toddlers and preschoolers, you see amazing talents. They are very good in logical thinking, recognizing patterns, finding their way, the construction of buildings ... Above all, they excel in their admiration for and curiosity about the world around them. How to deal with these talents. (Research program, in Dutch)

ROBBERT DIJKGRAAF takes us back with him to that childhood attic in The Netherlands.
It was there that he did some of his first physics experiments, playing with discarded binocular optics that his father kept stacked in boxes...

Nautilus, Spark of Science