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      Het nut van nutteloos onderzoek (The usefulness of useless knowledge) (2012)
      Published by (in Dutch): Uitgeverij Prometheus | Bert Bakker
    • Bètacanon junior (2010) - audiobook
      Dutch famous scientists Robbert Dijkgraaf, Bas Haring and Louise O. Fresco discuss in this junior canon in an original and accessible way the main topics of science. Like why the toilet for humans is such an important discovery, or who was Newton, or the Big Bang, DNA and the Pavlovian response are discussed. You hear about ideas such as shifting continents and the origin of man, but also about special forces on the smallest scale, much smaller than a cell or an atom and on a larger scale, that of our earth and the universe. At the same time children learn to understand how their lives would have looked like without all the discoveries and discoverers (in Dutch). Published by Luisterrijk
    • Bètacanon (2009)
      The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published De bètacanon, a canon of fifty scientific topics that every person in the Netherlands should know. In 2008, the fifty articles were released in a book (in Dutch). Published by Meulenhoff
    • Blikwisselingen (Exchanging views) (2008)
      In his columns for Dutch leading newspaper NRC Handelsblad, partly published in the essay collection Blikwisselingen, Dijkgraaf attempts to bridge the gap between science, art, politics, and education (in Dutch). Published by Uitgeverij Prometheus | Bert Bakker
  • Columns
    • Folia the weekly newspaper for the University of Amsterdam (in Dutch)
    • NRC Dutch leading newspaper
    • Kunstbeeld.nl Dutch magazine about contemporary and modern art